Tours and Pricing

Luna Tours offers high-quality boat tours along the Oaxacan coast.   All tours leave out of Playa Panteon, Puerto Angel.

We offer: (scroll down for more details and pricing…)

  • Beach and snorkel
  • Artisanal fishing
  • Full moon tour
  • Sunset tour
  • Private boat rental and customized tours

Safety is our first priority: our boats carry marine radios, GPS units, and lifejackets.  Our expert, English-speaking guides are committed to your total satisfaction.

All tours are customizable.  Tell us what you want, and we’ll make it happen!

Tour descriptions and pricing  — all prices are in Mexican pesos

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Tour of the Magical Coast (1-1.5 hours)

coastline with faro

Can you spot Puerto Angel’s lighthouse?

Can be scheduled for any time with advance notice.

In this tour you will discover our beautiful coast, from Puerto Angel to La Boquilla or Puerto Angel to Roca Blanca.  Come look for different marine species like turtles, dolphins, manta rays, whales, and many species of marine birds.  Bring your camera to capture the magic!

$500/boat (up to 5 people); $800/boat (6 -8 people)


Beach and snorkel (3-4 hours)


Beautiful Estacahuite!

10 am – reservation required

Come explore the area’s most beautiful beaches including La Mina, Estacahuite, and hidden coves and bays.  Discover the underwater sea life at La Boquilla while you snorkel.  (We provide the equipment.)  We’ll also look for turtles, dolphins, manta rays, whales, and many species of marine birds. 


Artisanal Fishing (2-3 hours)

gone fishing

This family was amazed by how close to shore the fishing action is!

6 am and 4:30 pm – reservation required

Come fishing with expert fisherman native to the coast.  Depending on the season and our luck, we’ll catch fish including mahi-mahi, tuna, bonito, sail ish, and others.  We provide the equipment and bait, or bring the equipment of your preference. 

$500/hour (up to 8 people)


Full moon (1.5 hours)

Full moon at sea...

Full moon at sea…

8 pm (or other time with advance notice)

The experience of being at sea under a full moon in unforgettable.  Everything glows with its magical light.  This tour is special, perfect for a couple or a group of friends. Bring a bottle of wine or champagne if you like!

$800/boat (up to 5 people); $1000/boat (6-8 people)

Sunset Tour (1.5 hours)


Just another gorgeous sunset here on the Costa Chica.

5 pm – reservation required

In the late afternoon the sun isn’t as strong, and for many people, it’s a more comfortable time to go out to sea.  Also, during these hours birds and marine animals tend to be very active.  Watching the sunset from the ocean is an unforgettable experience!

$500/boat (up to 5 people); $800/boat (6 -8 people)

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